Short funky hairstyles over 30

Hairstyle has always plays a very vital role in fashion. Hairstyle or haircuts usually enhances your beauty. Just like proper outfit, accessories and make-up is necessary, similarly appropriate haircut is very much important.  Actually haircuts or hairstyles are usually done keeping in mind two things; the first thing is the shape of the face and next is the texture of the hair. It doesn’t mean that a 60 would always go for the short hairstyles in order to match her wrinkles and social standards, or even for a teenage it doesn’t mean that she should go for long hairstyles. Trend is what should match with your face cutting.  This article will give you a thorough glance about the funky short hairstyles for the teenagers.

 Funky hairstyles for teenage girls:  Teens can try everything and that becomes a trend. Similarly, if it is matter of haircuts or hairstyles, teenagers can try any type hairstyle that will look great on them whether it’s short or it’s long. Short hairstyles can make you look more intelligent and matured whereas, if you have a long hairstyle then that will make you look charming, gorgeous and romantic. Teenagers are also in verge of a promising career so; they can also choose hairstyles according to their career goals also. If you are in a sober and conservative profession then its better too opt for a professional look then for that you can go for long hairstyles whereas if you are in a creative profession then you can undoubtedly go for funky and freaking hairstyles like pixies or bobs.


Funky hairstyles for short hair 2013: Short hairstyles can be considered as one the most stylish, manageable hairstyle for women. There is no danger for going for these short hairstyles. Let’s just have a thorough glance on the different types of freaking short styles.

Bob Hairstyles:    “A bob works with not against, bone structure” said by famous hairstylist Rodney Cutler. Among the short hairstyles Bob ranks the first. Bob is actually cutting of the long thin locks up to the chin. Bobs can be of different types like demi-bobs which are also known as the long bobs and short bobs. If you have a straight hair then Bobs will be perfect on you.

If you have a round face then long bobs will be the best and if you have fine textured hair then it’s better to go for “graduated bob”.

Demi-Bobs: Deli-bobs are like a blunt cut. These bobs are not too long or too short it is up to the shoulder length. Bobs doesn’t have much layers. It’s actually have sharp longed edgy lock at the front.

 Short Bobs: The same process follows here the only difference is it’s up to the neck level.

 Pixies:  Pixies are generally having boyish look yet it is having a feminine style. Rodney Cutler has beautifully said that “The softness of the sweeping side bang and the wispy hair in front of the ear work together to frame the eyes” It makes you more attractive. Those who have curly hair, pixies can be the best option. But it requires a regular trimming after every five or six weeks.

Pompadours:  Pompadours are also known as the quiffs and “Faux-Hawks”. The main feature of this hairstyle is that it is clean shaved at the sides and having a roasted puff at the top. It thus gives a very elegant look. It’s now getting more and more popular in Europe. It gives a “teddy boy” look.

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